Section B

Long Conversation 1

M: I bet you're looking forward to the end of this month. Are you?

W: Yes, I am. How did you know?

M: David told me you had a special birthday coming up.

W: Oh…yeah that's right. This year will be my golden birthday.

M: What does that mean? I've never heard of a golden birthday.

W: I've actually just learnt this concept myself. Fortunately, just in time to celebrate. A golden or lucky birthday is when one turns the age of their birth date. So, for example, my sister's birthday is December 9th and her golden birthday would have been the year she turned nine years old. Come to think of it, my parents did throw her a surprise party that year.

M: Interesting. Too bad I missed mine. My golden birthday would've been four years ago. I assume you got big plans then.

W: Actually yes. My husband is planning a surprise holiday for the two of us next week. I have no idea what he's got in mind, but I'm excited to find out. Has he mentioned anything to you?

M: He might have.

W: Anything you'd like to share? I'm dying to know what kind of trip he has planned on where we're going.

M: You know nothing at all?

W: Not a clue. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? Though I must say I think he's been having even more fun keeping the secret from me in the past few weeks.

M: I'm sure both of you will have a fantastic time. Happy golden birthday! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.


Q8. What is the woman looking forward to?

Q9. What did the woman's parents do on her sister's lucky birthday?

Q10. What is the woman eager to find out about?

Q11. What does the man say at the end of the conversation?