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[e]. This is a front vowel, which for me, means it feels like it comes more from here, eh, than from here, ah, father. To make this sound, my tongue comes up, but not too much because this does not touch the roof of the mouth. This stays wide, almost flat-feeling, even though it does come up. The tip of my tongue is not touching the back of my teeth, but actually below that, in the soft tissue. It presses lightly against the front there. Eh, eh. As you can see, my jaw drops some, but my lips do not move, they stay relaxed.
[e]是一个前元音,对我来说,它就好像是从这里(视频中所指的位置)而不是像ah, father那样从这里(喉咙处)发出来。发这个音时,我的舌头抬起,但不会抬得太多,因为舌根不碰到上颚。尽管舌根抬起,但是它还是保持平展,感觉几乎是平的。舌尖不触及齿背,事实上是放在牙齿下方柔软的地方,轻轻挤压。Eh, eh. 你可以看到,我的下巴略微向下移动,但嘴唇是不动的,嘴唇保持放松的状态。

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I will let you tell me what your friend said.