How can I tell if someone is just pretending to be my friend?


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Say your Facebook 'friends' list count is 500. If you let your own instinct to do some work, it'll help you strike off 450 of them in no time. I hope some of the following signs will help you identify the pretentious ones from the remaining lot-


1. Ask for help.

Text them but don't tell them what kind of help you need. Just ask them to meet you. When you do that, most of the pretentious ones will assume that you need money. Or something that they don't want to lend. They'll try to avoid the meeting as much as possible. This is when you'll realise how creative people are at making excuses.

2. Notice how often they break their promises.

You see, it’s not necessary that a person who wants your companionship may also want your friendship. If he/she keeps canceling plans over and over, maybe they just wanted your company but found something else to fill that void.

3. Do they make you look bad in front of others?

It goes without saying that the friendship is worthless if all the fun in it is at the expense of 'your' ego and self esteem.

4. Jealousy - the two faced ones.

Your pretentious friends will always try to undermine you. Your accomplishments make them insecure.

5. Where they are when you're down.

Your true friends will stick by your side even when you have failed miserably at something. If they're making fun of your failure or using the occasion do boast their own success, strike them off the list.

6. Conveniently friendly?

You can easily spot the difference in your pretentious friend's friendliness. It'll dramatically increase whenever they want you to do something for them, and amazingly diminish whenever they don't want you to do something for them. They treat friendship as a convenience.