What is socially acceptable in the UK, but not in the US?


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Just a few I can think of:

1.Being an atheist. Nobody will question your right to be in politics, for example, if you are an unbeliever.

2.Drinking outdoors in public spaces. Drinking at children’s parties. Getting quite visibly drunk. You can legally drink at 18, but most people would be ok with giving a 17 year old an alcoholic drink.

3.Not tipping is also fine. You won't get chased out of restaurants for not leaving a tip. If you leave a large tip waiters will be quite pleasantly surprised. You do not generally tip bar staff or taxi drivers.

4.Not being overly friendly. True, our service culture might seem terrible to some, but we don't expect or even want too much attention from retail assistants or the like. We prefer to be left alone.

5.Insulting people. It's a form of humour that is very difficult for Americans to understand. We call it banter. Basically if someone is insulting you, but is smiling or even laughing while they do it, they want to be your friend. But if a stranger is insulting you in the street, it's definitely not friendly.

6.Being a Muslim in a position of authority. Londoners love their Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan. Yes there is islamaphobia here but it's not quite as hysterical as it seems to be in the US.
6.掌权者是穆斯林教徒。伦敦人很爱戴他们的穆斯林市长Sadiq Khan。是的,这儿有穆斯林恐惧症,但不像美国看起来那么严重。


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Breaking the rules. It is weird, in the UK rules are something to be upheld if it is in the public’s interest, and challenged as and when it is not.

Want to drink after it’s allowed, then have a lock-in (The doors are locked after the bar or pub has closed so that everyone inside can continue to drink privately).

Want to cross the road anywhere, do, with enough notice cars will stop, there is no such thing as ‘Jaywalking’. However in the States, I’ve noticed that even in the middle of nowhere, Americans in America, will want to stick to the rules rigidly.

The only time people in the UK are genuinely ‘shocked’ by someone breaking the rules, is when you jump a queue. Then you can expect a severe tut and staring eyes to burn a hole in the back of your head!