TOPIC 1 面子


Face is immensely important for the Chinese. It can be defined as a notion of one's reputation rooted in self-esteem. Most of Chinese people believe that to have face is one of the most valued things, while to lose face is a cause of great anguish. Thus, in China, people are expected to know and abide by the rules of face and will be penalized harshly if they break them. However, sometimes a person could lose face not only because of his failure to match up to social requirements, but also because of the failure of others to act in accordance with his expectations.


TOPIC 2 农民医保

在中国,农村人口占相当大的比例。虽然他们的收入远比城镇居民要低,抗风险能力更差,但是长期以来,他们却不能像城镇居民一样享受基本的医疗保障。为此,我国正在推行一项前所未有的计划:用8年的时间,在全国农村基本建立起新型的合作医疗制度(cooperative medicare system),以解决所有农民的医疗保障问题,使他们不必再为看不起病而犯愁。经济发达的浙江省已率先实行这一制度。

In China, the rural population accounts for a large portion. They were not entitled, for a very long period of time, to the basic medical security like urban citizens, although they were more vulnerable to risks because of their far lower incomes. Therefore, an unprecedented project is launched in China to build a new cooperative medicare system within eight years in rural areas, which will deal with the medical security issue of all the farmers and free them from worries of being unable to afford a cure. The developed Zhejiang Province has taken a lead in employing the new system.


TOPIC 3 考研热

近年来,人们常会吃惊地看到高校图书馆尚未开门,门外就早已排起了长队。随着一年一度的全国研究生入学考试(the national post-graduate entrance exam)的临近,对于许多考生来说,每天在图书馆抢座就成了个苦差事。就业市场上巨大的求职压力以及雇主对人才的更高要求迫使更多人加入了考研大军。2014年,申请考研的人数达到了创纪录的172万。因此,人们将之戏称为“考研热”(post-graduate mania)。

In recent years, people may feel amazed to see the long waiting lines outside college libraries much earlier than their open time. With the approach of the annual national post-graduate entrance exam, securing a seat in the library becomes a daily chore for many examinees. Huge job-hunting pressure in job market and high demands on talents from employers have pushed more people into the competition of the post-graduate entrance exam. The number of applicants reached a record as high as 1.72 million in 2014. Thus people dub it “post-graduate mania”.


TOPIC 4 丁克一族


A popular saying in China has it that “There are three forms of unfilial conduct, of which the worst is to have no descendants.” But now, it is quite fashionable for many young couples to choose a lifestyle without kids and organize the DINK family. Some couples who have chosen to be DINK are obliged to do so. Some couples are fearful that they cannot provide favorable living conditions for children. Nowadays, the cost of educating a child is much higher than before. In big cities, to send a child to a better kindergarten takes a large amount of money and the key primary or secondary schools are even more expensive. But when they make preparations for having a baby, it is a pity that they have missed the most fertile years.


TOPIC 5 慢性疾病

各种慢性疾病(chronic disease)已经成为影响中国人健康的主要隐患。随着钱包越来越鼓,中国人的生活方式也发生了巨大的变化,其中包括饮食上的变化和向城市迁移(migration),这也使得中国人的健康面临极大的风险。中国卫生部(Ministry of Health)的数据显示,目前超过2.6亿的中国人患有慢性疾病,高血压(hypertension)和肥胖症已经成为导致中国人死亡的重要原因。

Various chronic diseases have become the major health challenge for the Chinese. With fatter wallets, the lifestyles of Chinese people have changed dramatically, including changes in diet and the migration to cities, which has put Chinese people's health in peril. Now more than 260 million citizens in China suffer from chronic diseases, and hypertension and obesity have become the major causes of death, according to data from China's Ministry of Health.



TOPIC 1 社区公益

社区公益(community public benefit)以公益机构为主体,为达成公益目的而鼓励社区发动居民积极参与各种公益服务或活动。近年来,越来越多的机构和企业投身到社会公益事业之中,或进行大额捐款,或成立慈善基金,力图在履行社会责任的同时,凸显企业的品牌和产品。显然,这是社会公益不成熟的一种表现,因为那些有着巨大社会需求的社区公益服务,由于需要长期默默无闻的服务和关怀,还没有得到更多的关注。

The community public benefit whose main body is public organizations encourages community residents to take part in various kinds of public services or activities to reach the goal of public benefit. In recent years, more and more organizations and enterprises devote themselves to public benefit by donating large amounts of money or establishing charitable funds to advertise their brands and products while fulfilling their social responsibilities. Obviously, it is a reflection of immature public benefit, because the community public benefit service with large social demand hasn't been paid more attention to due to the need of long-term obscure services and care.


TOPIC 2 出行方式的转变


The ways Chinese people adopt to get around have experienced a long process from depending on physical strength to taking convenient tools. From 1950s to 1970s, bicycles were the most fashionable means of transportation and also the most important characteristic of society during that time. In the 1980s, motorcycles gradually became the new favorite. From the early 1990s to the present, with the development of urban traffic and automotive industry, as well as the increasingly busy life, more and more people prefer private cars, making the number of private cars grow at a surprising speed. The life of ordinary people seems to be installed by wheels, moving ahead fast.


TOPIC 3 网上银行


Online banking has a lot of advantages. It never closes, offering services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and all you need to do is just a slight click of the mouse. If your nearby banks or ATMs are not available when financial problems arise, you can immediately log on to your online banking and cope with your business. In terms of the speed of the execution and confirmation of transactions, online banking is generally no slower than ATMs. Online banking now offers advanced tools, including account aggregation, stock quotes and so on to help you manage your assets more effectively.


TOPIC 4 老龄化

联合国标准规定,当一个地区65岁及以上的老人占总人口的7%时,该地区就被视为进入老龄化社会(aging society)。老龄化会对国家财政造成巨大的影响,但老龄化的影响并不止于此。在老龄化社会里,劳动力市场、储蓄方式以及人口流动都会发生变化。中国社| 会| 保| 障制度并不健全,大多数老年人都依靠子女赡养。小家庭的增多和传统价值观的缺失都会使老龄化问题更加严重,从而对中小家庭造成沉重负担。

According to the standard of the United Nations, a society is considered an aging one when the proportion of people aged 65 and above is more than 7%. The impacts of aging society on state finance are huge. However, the impacts are much wider. In an aging society, labor markets, saving patterns and migration movements will change. The social security system in China is weak, and most of the elderly are supported by their children. Declining family size and the erosion of traditional values magnify the challenge, which places a heavy burden on small and middle sized households.


TOPIC 5 自主创业

自主创业(self-employed)的好处之一是盈利归自己所有,利润是对自己努力、能力和创造力的回报。自主创业的第二个好处是个人才智和能力能直接反映在收入上。自主创业的第三个优势是自己做老板能够控制自己的工作时间。但是创业并不是一帆风顺(go smoothly)的事。首先,做自己的老板把责任直接放到了个人的肩上。其次,自己做老板时,一单成功的生意可能会带来很大的盈利,而一单失败的生意可能会造成破产。第三个弊端是没有稳定的工资,收入浮动很大。

One of the advantages of being self-employed is that the profits that the business makes belong to the owner. The profits earned are the reward for the owner's effort, competence and creativity. Another advantage is that a person's earnings directly reflect his intelligence and abilities. The third advantage of being self-employed is that a person as the boss can control his working hours. However, being self-employed does not always go smoothly. First, being one's own boss means placing the responsibility directly on that individual's shoulders. Second, though the self-employed can earn considerable profits with successful business, losses can force them out of business. The third disadvantage is that self-employed people have no stable wage and their earnings can vary greatly.