What does reading books do to your brain?


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Reading is food for the brain. Here are some ways our brain is altered:

Rewires the brain: There was a study done in 2009 that showed that intense reading improvement instructions in young children can cause the brain to physically rewire itself.

Improve attention span: We use our ‘working memory’ in our everyday life. Working memory refers to how we manipulate information stored in our short-term memory. Reading encourages us to think in sequence.

May cause changes in resting-state connectivity of the brain: Books can transport you to into the mind of the protagonist. Sometimes, we feel like we are in their shoes and there are studies showing that there can be a long lasting effect on the biology of your brain.

Improves memory: Reading every day can slow down late-life cognitive decline and keeps the brains healthier.


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Reading book opens one's mind. As I do listen audio books while driving, walking and in my free time, from audible mobile app.

I was totally a different person before studying books. Now I see everything from a different prospective.

Simple, reading habit will make your mind to see things, problems and matters from up to down instead of parallel view.

Reading/listening new book always creates a new WOW in me that how ignorant I was earlier.


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I totally agree with most of the previous answers regarding effects of reading on the brain. It is a pleasure to read books. With a good book in your hand or on iPAD, you will never grumble getting stuck at an airport. For seniors, who cannot move much, reading a variety of books keeps the brain occupied with a good story and some of the travel books open the world for them. Children should be encouraged to develop reading habit for fun. It increases their concentration and vocabulary, opens up their imagination and if they are asked to tell that story to others, it improves their memory, speech and narration. Books are good sources of discussion.