1. Read

Read as much as you can in English. No matter what it is, from cartoons to British literature anything counts.

Naturally if you wish to develop I would recommend you to choose something that provides you a challenge. So renew your library pass, subscribe to your favorite English magazine or go online!

2. Immerse

Understanding British or American culture can be a part of language learning. There are a lot of expressions or situations that can be understood and remembered better if you know a couple of customs, behavioral patterns, books or poems.

It is always fascinating to realize that you understand a short story, a text or even longer pieces of art in English.

3. Share

Where and how, you might ask. Well there are many ways to do this. You can start your own blog (learn more how to set up your blog) in English about your hobby, travel experiences or anything that interests you.

If you don’t feel like writing, read others’ blogs or articles and feel free to comment if you have a question! You can also try to find an online community that has the same interest as you where you can share your own ideas, thoughts and beliefs.

4. Dare

This usually seems to be the most difficult part, but you have to conquer yourself! If you find yourself in a situation where you have the chance to use English grab it!

You must overcome your fears that you might speak incorrectly, and you can also ask your partner to correct you. So whenever you travel or meet foreigners don’t forget to speak as much as you can!

Or you can subscribe to interactive web pages like that not only provides many interesting ways of online learning but the chance to meet and speak other language learners too!

5. Relax

Never forget the power or relaxation! You don’t always have to force yourself to study if you are tired. You can also listen to some music, watch a movie or listen to an audio book (in English of course). It doesn’t sound too difficult does it?

Have you had any problems during learning English? What did you do to overcome them? Do you enjoy English learning?