What's the world's largest city?


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As of 2015 the World Bank announced in a report on urbanisation the formation of a new world’s biggest city, in terms of population. It is a contiguous city made up of 4 major conjoined cities that have physically merged into one another - as in one can walk on an urban pavement from one to another surrounded by buildings. This is the Pearl River Metropolis in southern China that has now overtaken Tokyo, centred on Guangzhou, but taking in the megacity of Shenzhen, and the smaller cities of Dongguan and Jiangmen also. All in all it boasts of a contiguous urban population of 41 million, with a metro population of 55 million. It is over the border from Hong Kong but doesn’t count it.


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Tokyo is about twice the population of NYC. If you go back about twenty-five years, NYC was the second-largest city (after Tokyo), but now (2017) it is only ranked around 9th. This is based on metro area.

If you are speaking of population within the city proper, Shanghai comes in first and NYC drops to 23rd.

HOWEVER, NYC was the world’s largest city in the period from about 1925 until the 1950’s. This may be what you're inquiring about.


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The answers seem to fluctuate on this question a lot and part of it is the definition of a city’s population. If a city is defined by city proper then the most populated city in the world is Shanghai.

List of cities proper by population – Wikipedia(Cities like Beijing, Tokyo, Mumbai, Karachi, Chongqing, New York etc all fall below Shanghai’s 24 million)

If you define city by its metro area then its Tokyo with 37 million people in the metro area.