there be句型是一种非常常见的英语句型,表示事物的存在,虽然句型结构简单,但一旦和不同的搭配使用或是不同的时态转换,就会出现各种各样的用法,所以小编这次就给大家带来there be句型的否定句与疑问句讲解,一起学起来吧!

there be句式否定式的用法:

there be句式的否定式通常应将否定词置于动词be之后:
There is not any bread left. 没有一点面包了。
There isn’t anything I can do for you. 我帮不了你什么忙。
There can’t be so many mistakes. 不可能有那么多错误。
There shouldn’t be any doubt about it. 对此不应有什么怀疑。
There haven’t been any parties in weeks. 好几个礼拜没开过晚会了。
There doesn’t seem to have been any difficulty over the money question. 在钱的问题上似乎没发生什么困难。

there be句式疑问式的用法:

there be句式的疑问式通常应将否定词置于动词be之后:
Is there any good film on? 映什么好电影吗?
Is there room for me in the car? 车子里还有我坐的地方吗?
Are there any letters for me? 有我的信吗?
Has there been an accident? 出事了吗?
Have there been any new developments? 有什么新的发展吗?
Can there have been so much rain there?那儿会下过那么多雨吗?
Uncle Jesse, why do there have to be poor people like those? 杰西叔,为什么一定要有他们那样的穷人?

以上就是there be句型的否定句与疑问句用法了,看起来稍微有点复杂,但只要理解了核心概念,相信大家都能应用自如。