An investigation has been launched into the death of a 14-year-old model, said to have passed away due to ‘utter exhaustion’. The exact circumstances of Vlada Dzyuba's sudden death last week are still murky, and there are conflicting accounts from Russia and China.
14岁模特因“过度劳累”死亡,目前正在展开调查。瓦拉达·祖巴(Vlada Dzyuba)上周猝死的具体原因仍不明晰,中俄双方说辞不一。

A modelling agency that hired the 14-year-old Russian girl is denying media reports that a 'slave contract' contributed to her death. The Siberian Times reported that the girl died after falling into a coma after working a 13-hour day, though the newspaper did not cleary cite its sources.
雇佣14岁俄罗斯模特祖巴的模特公司否认媒体的说法,说模特死因并非出自“奴隶合约”。《西伯利亚时报》(Siberian Times)报道,祖巴在连续工作13个小时后陷入昏迷,然后死亡。但是,报道中未见引用的来源

The paper said Dzyuba's mother told NTV: ‘She was calling me, saying, “Mama, I am so tired. I so much want to sleep.’ It must have been the very beginning of the illness.” It ran the story under a headline reading ‘Fears over exploitation of Russian models sent on `slave labor contracts’ without parents to care for them.’

An incomplete hospital record provided by the Chinese agency that hired Dzyuba, ESEE Model, listed multiple causes of death, including sepsis. The document couldn't be independently verified. Zheng Yi, the founder of ESEE Model, strongly denied reports that Dzyuba was on a ‘slave contract’.
英模文化(ESEE Model)公开了祖巴的部分医院记录,列出多种致死原因,其中包括脓毒症。但是这份记录无法得到证实。英模文化创始人郑屹对祖巴签订了“奴隶合约”的报道表示强烈抵制。

‘There is no coercive clause in this contract,’ he said in an interview, adding that the three-month contract didn’t mention working hours. Zheng said Dzyuba worked about the same amount of time as other models, usually between two to eight hours a day, and only twice during her 60 days in China did she work 10 hours in a day. Zheng said she had 16 events, with about 20 days of total work.

‘Modelling work is not manual labor after all, just shows and photo shoots and making poses, and there are breaks’, he said. ‘We provide underage models with more care,’ Zheng said. ‘If they feel stressed, we will communicate with them.’