What makes you emotionally strong? Don't you miss companionship? Don't you fear loneliness?


获得13.2k好评的回答@Bhavna Bharat Kumar:

I would be lying if I say I don't need companionship. Feels nice to have someone to talk to, to cuddle with, to spend the rest of your life with...

Reality - With companionship comes responsibilities, commitment, adjustments, compromises, new relatives, obligations, expectations. These things have started to overwhelm me.

When I think about the freedom I have being single and see the kind of life a committed / married individual is living, I feel content.

It takes time to become emotionally strong and is a never ending process. I used to fear loneliness until I started enjoying my own company. I've become so comfortable with myself that at times (when my emotional strength is at its peak) I just can't see myself in a relationship.

P.S. - It's not an easy journey to reach this stage.


获得1k好评的回答@Arunav Sanyal:

So I have always been a misfit. I don’t remember a single day in school that I was not made fun of. Same goes for college.

I later realized that its human nature to acquire joy of someone else’s misery. I also realized that a person spends no more than 60 seconds thinking about another person a day. I realized that it is preposterous to retool my personality for 60 seconds of someone’s approval.

So I checked out completely. Could not be happier since then.

Now no one dares to make fun of me, if they try, I just bring out their deepest insecurities and make them feel like crap. I have incorporated the true nature of society into every molecule of my being. That is why I am emotionally stronger. As for the constant mild anger, that is just my normal disposition.