Meadow Walker, actor Paul Walker's daughter, settled a wrongful death lawsuit with Porsche on Oct. 16. after his tragic death in 2013.

She claimed the company knew about the car's 'instability and control' issues but didn't address the problems.

The suit was settled privately and both parties asked the case to be dismissed .

The “Fast and Furious” actor died at age 40 in a car crash. His friend, Roger Rodas was driving Porsche Carrera GT in Santa Clarita, Calif. in Nov. 2013, when the car crashed into a lamp post, catching fire. The two men were killed.
出演过《速度与激情》的演员保罗·沃克在40岁的时候死于一场车祸。2013年11月,他的朋友罗杰·罗达斯在加利福尼亚圣塔克拉利塔驾驶着保时捷Garrera GT这款豪车,就在这时他们的汽车撞上了路灯杆,然后着火了。两名男子都被害了。

The lawsuit, which was filed against the carmaker in 2015, claimed the vehicle did not have the proper safety features installed correctly in the car.

The lawsuit also alleged the actor was alive after the crash but could not get out of the car due to his seatbelt. Meadow’s lawyers said the car had a history of “instability and control issues” and the car manufacturer “failed to install its electronic stability control system”.

Finally, Paul Walker’s daughter has reached an agreement with German luxury car maker Porsche. The details of the agreement were not released.