What are the most popular types of tea consumed in Britain?


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Your question suggest you don't understand tea in England! There is only one type of tea*. The questions that go with tea is the "milk and sugar" and how strong, not what type! If you go to a cafe and get a mug or pot of tea, unlike buying beer, you are unlikely to get to choose the brand of tea, it is just black tea.

*More recently along the increase in popularity of coffee, herbal and green teas are becoming more popular in the UK. But in general if you see tea on a menu, it means generic black tea.


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It always amuses me when foreigners learn I'm a Brit and offer me exotic flavours like "Strawberry and Passion Fruit" or some such nonsense, assuming we're tea experts because we drink a lot of it. We aren't, but we know what we like.

Most Brits just drink black tea, but it must be strong and hot and with cold milk and in a cup or a mug. People outside the UK make tea that to us is way too weak, in a glass (honestly!) and made with water that's not boiling. All these are capital offences in the UK, as is adding hot milk or no milk at all.


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PG Tips is the market leader, and the one I personally buy and drink at home.
PG Tips(英国红茶包)是市场领军品牌,我自己就买这个牌子的茶在家喝。

Twinings and Tetley are in a battle for second place. Twinings is a posh brand that is making a lot of headway with their herbal range. Tetley is a "builder's" brand - in the UK, builders tea is brewed very strong, usually with milk and two sugars. Tetleys and Yorkshire Tea are brands you'd expect to see on a construction site, in a maintenance engineers' tuck room, or anywhere where people are doing hard physical work. There are the supermarket own brands, obviously, and some of them are quite good.