Why are the students bored in schools?


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Well, it used to be fun.

It used to be about fun and recess, now we’re just running across the school to get to fourth period. We used to go home and see our families but now it’s being in a dorm with some random doofus who steals your food.

It used to be about easy assignments and times tables, now it’s calculus and boring lectures. We used to enjoy school and have fun cliques. Now it’s just freaking drama at every corner. We all get bored because we are overwhelmed with homework along with very high expectations and frankly, I don’t think it will ever be the same.


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Students getting bored in a School! There are many reasons but we can’t say a single definition for this.

The way of teaching: Sometimes teachers are teaching in a way like they just want to finish their syllabus of subject. They ask one or two questions to students and they proceed further. This is not for all teachers, few teachers believe that how we teach to students, their future is depends on that only. After our parents teachers will be second Parents, whatever they will teach to students they will believe it blindly.

Now most important thing is nowadays few parents give lots of freedom to their children and children always playing games, watching cartoons. Due to this they became habitual to watch something interesting and colorful things.

In schools they should take a curriculum activities as per the age group of students. Teach them in a way of Story and showing them videos. Through videos and images students can learn easily. There are many ways and techniques of teaching which teachers can implement.


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Two out of three students in school tell that they get bored in school. The mere reason for this can’t be that they are more attracted to video games, text-messages or internet. The main reason for this are :

1.Students are not having enough interaction with the teachers.

2.Material being taught in school is not interesting.

Schools need to understand this and adopt a new approach to teach.