This is AP News Minute.

President Barack Obama says NATO has agreed to his plans for a new, expanded missile defense system for Europe. The system would cover all NATO member countries and the United States. Obama spoke in between meetings on the opening day of a NATO summit in Portugal.

The FBI says Dutch authorities are reviewing the dental records of Natalee Holloway. A tourist in Aruba discovered a jawbone last week. A forensic scientist there tells Holloway’s father it’s bone from a human female.

Rescue crews are waiting outside one of New Zealand’s largest coal mines. 29 men are missing after a gas explosion. Two other miners stumbled to the surface hours after the blast.

And a lawyer for Wesley Snipes says he is staying strong and positive. A federal judge told the actor to surrender to authorities and start serving a 3-year prison term. Snipes was convicted on 3 misdemeanor counts of failing to file his tax returns.

Sandy Kozel, the Associated Press with AP News Minute.