Ever wonder why sticking your finger in your belly button makes you want to spend a penny?

If you don't know what we're talking about, you should lift up your shirt in the name of scientific adventure and have a good poke around in your belly button.

Don't just fanny about around the sides as you've got to get right in there to feel the tingle.

Done it? Now tell us how it makes you feel.

Hello - you still there?

Conveniently though, your little loo break just proved a medial point - that sticking your finger in your belly button makes you feel like you need to have an Ali G.

Dr. Christopher Hollingsworth of NYC Surgical Associates puts it all down to the fact that the sensory nerve fibres of your parietal peritoneum - that’s the internal lining of your stomach cavity - relay information back to the spine in the exact same area as those of your bladder and urethra. Your brain then interprets that as discomfort in your urinary bladder and goes, “Ooh, I need the lav. RIGHT. NOW.”
纽约外科协会的Christopher Hollingsworth 表示,当你动手抠肚脐时,会刺激到腹膜感觉神经,也就是的胃部内腔,接着脊随会向膀胱和尿道传递“想尿尿”的信息给大脑。

See, ain't science a hell of a thing?

Actually we're not sure if that info qualifies as science - but hey, we learned something new today all the same.