She's the longest serving Victoria's Secret Angel.

And the still chiseled 36-year-old Adriana Lima has told People: 'My plan is to stay as long as my body allows me, at least until I am 40, so that's four or so more years.'

The Brazilian bombshell added: 'But if I can stay longer, I will.'

Retirement, she vamped to People, is 'something that doesn’t come into my head.

Adriana first walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 1999 at Cipriani Wall Street in New York, and was garlanded an Angel the following year.

She's walked every single Victoria's Secret Fashion Show since - except in 2009, inasmuch as that extravaganza was held four days after she'd delivered her firstborn.

Ahead of this year's show - which'll be held, as never before, in Shanghai - she held forth on the newcomer models.

'It's a huge career opportunity to be in the Victoria's Secret fashion show. They're going to have a great time,' Adriana dished to People.

Said she: 'The girls are fun and there's not such a thing as competing with each other. It's all about enjoying ourselves so I'm sure that they may be nervous but once they get together they realize it's going to be easy, and it's going to be a fun show.'

The mother of two has said before that she means to stick with Victoria's Secret up to or past 40, including in an interview with Ocean Drive earlier this year.
现在她已经是两个孩子的母亲,在今年早些时候的的Ocean Drive采访中她表示争取每年都能在维秘的舞台上甚至超过40岁的时候也能够走台。

'My goal is to do the fashion show till I’m 40, at least. Or [as long as] gravity is on my side,' the ex-wife of Serbian ex-pro basketball player Marko Jarić quipped modestly.