The team I work in just had 2 new interns, and I happen to be their supervisor .

After today's lunch break, I saw that one of them was reading things on her smartphone, maybe on some social network, I guessed.

I went to her and said "There's another document here needing traslation. Do you have time to finish it for me?"

That document was not in her assigned workload. But I thought I could let her challenge herself a little bit with it, seeing that she seemed to have time.

"Yes, I do have time." She said, "But I'm just an intern."

I didn't quite know what to say back then. After a while I mumbled "Right. Yes."

And I turned around and left.

I recalled the time when I was an intern for the first time. I, too, managed to finish my workload so fast, just like her.

So I asked my supervisor "Is there anything else that I can help?"

And she happened to have a plan to make. But she didn't have time. So she let me do the research and make a draft for her.

I was not very familiar with the job but still tried to carry it out based on my understanding and make it as professional as possible.

And my supervisor was really satisfied with the draft. Later, she told me "You saved me a lot of time. I didn't need to create it from scratch."

And she told me in details how should I have done the plan differently. I learned a lot about the operation in the process.

After that, she had come to trust me like completely.

I got my current job all because of her recommondation.

Yes, I was just an intern with a low salary. But I bought a better future with my extra labor.

There's a kind of poverty called short-sightedness.