Now that Game of Thrones has ended its seventh season, fans are poring over any detail they can get for information about the eighth and final season, which starts production in October. Fan site Watchers on the Wall, which frequently breaks news about Thrones castings, reported Wednesday that the series is casting two child roles for Season 8, and they could reveal where the plot is heading next.
《权力的游戏》第七季大结局,粉丝们开始钻研自己能够搜集到的关于第八季,也就是最后一季的各种细节以期得到一些相关信息。据了解,第八季将于10月份开始拍摄。经常会爆料有关《权力的游戏》演员阵容信息的权迷网站——“城墙上的守夜人”(Watchers on the Wall)于周三透露,这部连续剧在为第八季挑选两名儿童演员,而这两个角色可能会透露接下来的剧情走向。

One casting notice is for a Northern girl, ideally around age 8. The character seems very similar to Lyanna Mormont, as she's supposed to be fearless and tell it like it is. They're looking for a "strong-minded young girl with a fighting spirit," and the part would film the week of November 17. Watchers on the Wall speculates the girl could be related to Lyanna Mormont, or a member of another prominent Northern family.

The second casting notice is for a boy around the same age, or possibly a few years older. The boy, who may be in multiple scenes, is described as a poor child who has had to fight for everything he has. The actor would need to be available for filming at the end of November and the end of December. Watchers on the Wall thinks this child is likely going to show up in Kings Landing or Essos, since the casting notice doesn't specify accent or much about appearances.

It's obviously unclear what these characters will be, or even whether they're new characters or simply flashback scenes of existing characters on the show. TV Guide ponders whether the young girl could be a young Lyanna Stark, or the future children of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. But there's no way we're ever going to find out until the show airs in 2019, because HBO has the plot on such a lockdown that they're filming multiple endings to throw us all off.