73.'I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair’ by South Pacific

'I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair’ meaning to finish with someone and want nothing else to do with them.
I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair意为和某人断个干净,不再有关联。

74.'Alienated’ by Keri Hilson

'You’ve become a shooting star’ referring to someone who is rapidly rising to fame.
“成为一颗流星”,shooting star指某人迅速成名。

75.'Alejandro’ by Lady Gaga

'Nothing to lose’ meaning to take a risk because things could not possibly get any worse.
“再无可失”,Nothing to lose意为冒险一试,因为事情不会变得更糟了。

76.'Fancy Pants’ by Lady Gaga

'Fancy pants’ referring to someone who acts in a manner which others think is overly elaborate or pretentious.
Fancy pants意指某人行事方式过于复杂或做作。

77.'Poker Face’ by Lady Gaga

'Poker face’ meaning when someone’s face has no expression and does not give away any sign of emotion. Most commonly used in the context of playing a poker game in order to disguise the true value of your cards.
Poker face指某人面无表情,不露任何情感。多用于扑克游戏,某人面无表情,隐藏卡片价值。

78.'Monster’ by Lady Gaga

'He’s a wolf in disguise’ referring to someone who is an evil or dangerous person who pretends to be nice and friendly. It comes from an old fable ‘about a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing’, and the children’s story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.
“他是一匹善于伪装的狼”,a wolf in disguise用来描述邪恶之人将自己伪装成善良友好之人。这一习语出自一则古老寓言《披着羊皮的狼》以及儿童读物《小红帽》.

79.'Red and Blue’ by Lady Gaga

'I’m old school’ meaning traditional thinking or behavior. This can be used in a positive (efficient ideas that work) or a negative way (backwards, living in the past).
“我是守旧派”,I’m old school意为思想传统、行事保守。可用于褒义(想法行之有效),也可用于贬义(退步、守旧)。

80.'Star Struck’ by Lady Gaga

'Star struck’ meaning to be completely in awe of someone’s celebrity status.
Star struck意为沉迷追星,不能自拔。

81.'Wonderful’ by Lady Gaga

'I’m talking in circles’ meaning to talk a lot and not really say anything of meaning.
“我只是在兜圈子”talking in circles意为说了很多没价值的话。

82.'Jammin’ by Bob Marley

'We’re jammin’ or ‘jam session’ refers to an informal session where musicians play together.
“我们在即兴演奏” jamming or jam session指摇滚爵士音乐的即席演奏会。

83.'Total Eclipse of the Heart’ by Bonnie Tyler

'Every now and then I fall apart’ meaning when someone fails to function properly (mainly emotionally for people).
''动不动我就会崩溃”,fall apart意为一些人无法进行正常工作(主要是情绪化)。