What's a common mistake students make during university?


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Me : Hello Dad! I’ve exam today.

He : All the best son! I’m getting a strong feeling, You’ll rock it today. May god bless you.

Me : Thankyou dad. Bye!

And I hang up the call.

My friend standing beside me chuckles, “Do you do this before every exam?”

I reply , “Yes, I feel good and boosted, so as they feel good.”

It hardly takes a minute to call up your parents, but it gives a lot of confidence and makes their day too.

Not calling up parents, is a common mistake students make.


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I think that the commonest mistake is treating it like school.

When I went to university, most of the people around me came straight from school (or maybe from taking a maximum of a year out). They had the mentality of children who were being forced to do something. They skipped classes, sat at the back talking during lectures, didn't do the reading! They were still in "school" mode, thinking that the point was to get through it with the least effort.

For my part, I was there after working in a beer pump factory for three years. I knew that I had gone to university because I wanted to learn. I wasn't there because my teachers at school made me go, or my parents made me go, or because my friends were all going. I had chosen to go. I think that this put me in a different frame of mind. I read all the set texts, I went to all the lectures and seminars. Don't get me wrong I had fun too, but I was there to learn and I learnt a lot. I enjoyed it. It was rewarding to learn about the authors , their works, the critic's opinions etc.

The kids around me thought that reading six novels for a module and going to a lecture for each novel was too much work. They would read one novel, go to the lecture for that one and write their essay on that one book. They thought that they were really clever to work out an easier way of doing it. But they were tricking themselves out of an education!


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Focussing too hard on getting good grades.

"I won't switch majors yet... let's stick it out for another year".

Not pursuing out-of-class learning interests because of item #1.

Not doing side projects because of item #1.

"I'm too busy because of school."

Not taking advantage of all the free stuff that universities have.

Defining success only in terms of accomplishments.