a: why are you interested in working with this company?

  b: I am interested in working with your company because i know yours is one of the largest computer companies in our country (porvince, city)。 my major in the university is computer programming, so i wish to have the opportunity to apply my knowledge here.

  a: do you choose this company on account of high pay (or remuneration)?

  b: no, not only for high pay (remuneration), but also for a good working environment. as far as i know, working in a sino-foreign joint venture calls for punctuality and responsibility. it is such a working environment that i am looking for.

  a: have you applied for a similiar post to any other company?

  b: yes, i've also applied to global huada company ltd. —— a sina-american joint venture, in case i may not be accepted here.

  a: what is the result of your application to that company?

  b: they've turned me down.

  a: what's the reason why you failed to get the post?

      b: my domicile isn't in this city and they needed a local resident. that's the sole reason for my failure to get the post.

  a: if you are employed by both companies, whose offer will you accept?

  b: needless to say, my first choice is your company.


largest [lɑːdʒ] 大的,宽大的

companies [ˈkʌmpənɪ]公司;商号

major[ˈmeɪdʒə] 主修科目,专业


programming [ˈprəʊɡræmɪŋ]规划,设计;编程