Applying sunscreen can be a tedious chore that often seems to require superhuman flexibility and the need for at least an extra set of hands.

But it doesn’t have to be. The company SnappyScreen wants to revolutionize the way we slather on SPF with its automated sunscreen-application invention that is already gaining traction with vacationers.

Imagine this: You step into a booth, select your preferred SPF (15, 30, or 40) and enter your height. Then a fine mist covers you from head to toe, a rotating base ensuring even distribution. The whole thing takes all of 10 seconds. If taking precautions against skin cancer were always this easy, no one would ever skip on sunscreen again. And that’s exactly what SnappyScreen founder Kristen McClellan is hoping.

The SnappyScreen system envelopes the entire body—including hard-to-reach areas like underarms and the back of the neck—making the process much less of a hassle.

“Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before going outside, and reapplied every two hours and immediately after swimming or sweating,” says Ronald Moy, senior vice president of The Skin Cancer Foundation.

SnappyScreen hopes to make the process so easy that families will gladly return for additional coatings.

SnappyScreen sells directly to properties, which independently decide pricing: It can be a free service or one where customers pay by credit cards or by charging fees to hotel rooms. The company supplies its own sunscreen formula, a spray that is oxybenzone- and alcohol-free—and it won’t damage swimsuits.

The company has now started to receive interest from water parks, country clubs, public pools, beaches, and private homes.

“People know they should put on sunscreen more, and if we can make it a little bit more fun and get people to protect themselves, that would be a huge win,” says McClellan.