On a recent royal tour of Poland , the Duchess of Cambridge joked she and William should have another baby, after being given a present designed for newborns.

Saying thank you for the present, she turned to the Duke laughing and said: "We will just have to have more babies."

Family planning group Having Kids felt moved to share their thoughts on the subject - which were definitely not in favour of a third child. The group champion couples having smaller families, and in an open letter to the Cambridges urged them to NOT add to their brood.
家庭计划组织“Having Kids”忍不住对此发表了意见:不支持王室再添新丁。Having Kids倡导小型家庭,为此特意发表了一份公开信,建议威廉夫妇停止生育。

"All of us – especially public figures – should plan our families with the future environment in mind, producing a smaller and more resilient populace capable of thriving in that environment," the letter reads.

The letter continues: "Of course, we know that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are certain to have wonderful lives, protected from the deprivation of poverty and the threat of environmental degradation. They will receive optimal amounts of care and attention, as well as the best possible education. But the same can’t be said of every future child."

Cheerleaders for the Royal family were outraged.

"You want to mind your own business! Who are you to dictate how many kids our royals, or anyone has?! Butt out!" wrote on incensed Twitter user.

Having Kids has since responded to the backlash, explaining they chose William and Kate because of their public stature, and that "the impact the wealthiest families have on the environment dwarfs the impact of children born in the developing world."

No matter how valid the charity's argument about over-population and its disastrous impact on the world, it seems there's no arguing with ardent fans of the Royal family.