Queen Elizabeth II Enjoys Not One, But FOUR Alcoholic Drinks Every Single Day

For Queen Elizabeth II, it’s always five o’clock somewhere. Her Majesty already gets away with celebrating two birthdays every year.But when she’s not meeting foreign dignitaries or negotiating with the British Parliament, the Queen could be found sipping one of her daily boozy beverages.

In fact, former royal chef Darren McGrady just dished on Queen Elizabeth’s drinking habits. What he revealed might surprise you.

According to McGrady, Queen Elizabeth starts her day with a pre-lunch gin and Dubonnet cocktail, garnished with a slice of lemon and plenty of ice.

Business Insider speculates that she drinks Gordon’s Gin, which holds an official royal warrant: a trademark awarded to companies who provide goods or services to the royal family for more than five years.
而据网站Business Insider猜测,女王喝的是戈登牌杜松子酒。这个牌子经过皇家授权,已经为皇室提供食品和服务已经有五年多了。

You can find the queen’s coat of arms displayed on the selected businesses’ packaging and promotional materials,PopSugar reports.

For lunch, the Queen matches a simple meal of vegetables and fish with a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate, McGrady told The Telegraph. A cousin claims that she may also sip a dry gin martini should the mood strike her.
麦克格雷迪在接受The Telegraph采访时说,女王的午餐相当简单,只是一些蔬菜和鱼类,以及巧克力。一位皇室成员透露,如果来了兴致,女王还会小酌几口干型马提尼酒。

Her Majesty’s afternoon tea has a tamer vibe; she usually selects a simple herbal drink and a dessert, such as pie or chocolate biscuit cake. Finally, the Queen washes down her light dinner with a sophisticated glass of champagne before heading off to bed.

If you’ve been counting, that adds up to four alcoholic beverages in one day.

At six units of alcohol in total, the Independentpoints out that the 91-year-old is technically considered a binge drinker by UK law.

But surprisingly, that’s notwhy someone called the police on Queen Elizabeth—yet!