Sherre Scheide from Darwin, Australia, had taken her kids to a local branch of the fast food chain for a Sunday treat, but the experience wasn't quite what she'd planned.
来自澳大利亚,达尔文市的Sherre Scheide,星期天带着孩子们去当地的一家快餐连锁店用餐,然而那天的用餐体验却是她从未想到的。

Sherre told NT News : “As I started biting into the burger, I though it didn’t taste right, then I looked down and opened the patty and it was raw.

“I took all the burgers back and the manager came racing around the corner and shook my hand and said she’d speak to the staff members.”

The family were not offered a refund, according to reports.

Instead, the food was replaced with chicken meals but Sherre said she was too disgusted by the experience to eat.

She said that by then, she was already feeling sick from her first burger.

The mum reportedly asked the manager for someone from the head office to contact her.

But she claims when they did, she was told the meat only had to be checked once over 24 hours.

Sherre wasn't happy with the response and what she called their "carefree attitude".

Reports said that she was planning on taking up the incident with the health and safety food inspectors.

They also said she's been put off McDonald's for good now.

A McDonald's spokeswoman told NT News they took food safety seriously and such incidents as this were rare.

They said the issue was isolated and did not reflect any other of their products.

They claim they have reinforced cooking procedures in the restaurant.