Two women were chatting in a room,one asked, "How is everything going with your son?"

"Oh,don't even mention it! What a huge misfortune!!" The woman sighed :

"He is poor enough, and married an extraordinary lazy daughter-in-law. She doesn’t cook, not clean the room, not look after the children except to sleep all the time. It was my son who brings breakfast to her bed.

"How about your daughter?"

"She might be lucky." the woman smiled.

"She married a good husband who doesn’t allow her to do the housework, and handles everything all alone. The housework includes cooking, washing, cleaning and looking after the children. What’s more, he brings breakfast to my daughter every day."

Consider same situation, but when we look from my perspective, it will have a different mentality.

Stand to look at other people's position, or at each other's point of view to think about a lot of things not the case,

You can have a greater tolerance, will have more love.

Accommodate only have love, only love do not accommodate, and all are in vain.


misfortune [mɪsˈfɔːtʃən] n. 不幸;灾祸

sigh [saɪ] 叹气   sighed是sigh的过去分词形式,过去式形式

extraordinary [ɪkˈstrɔːdənrɪ] 非凡的,特别的

clean the room 打扫房间

all the time 一直,时时刻刻

breakfast [ˈbrɛkfəst] 早餐,早饭

look after 照顾,照看

to look after sb/sth:照顾;照看;看护

mentality [mɛnˈtælɪtɪ]  心态