What is a sad fact of life in less than 10 words?


获得51.1k好评的回答@Hiba Khan:

1.You’re more likely to kill yourself than anyone else.

2.No one will remember you. Maybe two or three generations down, if you’re lucky. Even from the successful, very few are remembered. You might bring Einstein or Shakespeare up, but at this point, more people only know their name rather than anything else.

3.Diplomas give illusions of success. They only affect the chances- take a look at some of the most successful today; their raw intelligence was more than a full university education for them.

4.Family is never together forever. I’m talking parents and siblings here.


获得49.9k好评的回答@Tanya Dascal:

1.On Mount Everest, there are 200 corpses of failed climbers.

2.Some species of butterfly drink human blood.

3.16% of cell phones have poop on them.

4.Some of us will not be here next year.

5.Researchers accidentally killed the world's oldest animal in 2006.


获得30.6k好评的回答@Sreejith Kartha:

“You can be replaced too..”

When Carl Lewis ran a 100m sprint under 10 seconds for the first time; it was like the whole world came to a standstill. A feat that has not been achieved before in history and that cannot be achieved by anyone in future, ever again.

However, the sad truth of life is that you can never stay on top of the podium for long. From then on, there have been at least 100 odd sprinters who have surpassed the 10 sec mark.

The same applies to all of us. We can all be replaced; be it in our family, office or neighborhood. It’s just that the right person has to come up at the right time to knock you off.