This is AP News Minute.

Rescuers in Chile may be just a few steps away from pulling 33 miners to safety. They finished drilling the escape hole on Monday. Crews managed to send an escape capsule nearly all the way to where the men have been trapped for more than two months.

Polices in North Carolina are investigating the disappearance of a young bone cancer patient. Ten-year-old Zahra Clare Baker was reported missing after a fire of the weekend. But authorities say they are having a tough time finding anyone who’d seen the girl in the last few weeks.

The Secret Service says it questioned and released the man who tossed a book near President Barack Obama at a rally in Philadelphia Sunday. It turns out the paperback was thrown by an overzealous fan who wanted the president to read the book that he had written.

In Shanghai, a 23-year-old pianist who lost both arms in a childhood accident has won China’s Got Talent. He captivated the judges by playing his version of James Blunt's wistful love song You're Beautiful with his toes.

Diane Kepley, the Associated Press with AP News Minute.