Another ransomware attack is disrupting systems in Europe, from computers at a British ad agency to radiation sensors at the Chernobyl power plant, according to a report. Computers at Danish shipping giant Maersk were also affected, the company said.

And security experts say the malware, which Symantec researchers report is using one of the same exploits as last month's massive WannaCry attack, likely won't be the last of its kind for the reason that ransomware victims really do pay to recover their files. An expert speaking to the media pointed to reports that a South Korean web hosting provider recently paid a ransom of about $1 million in bitcoin, and Symantec said in a report earlier this year that 64% of American victims, and 34% of victims worldwide, are willing to pay a ransomware bounty to recover their files.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, that report also found the average ransom demand on the rise, up to more than $1,000 per victim.