When you're planning to lead a mutiny against your teachers, who better to enlist than Hollywood's most famous pirate?


Nine-year-old Beatrice Delap did just that by writing to Captain Jack Sparrow, star of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. "We are a bunch of budding young pirates. Normally we're a right handful but we're having trouble mutinying against the teachers. We'd love it if you could come and help," she wrote.

9岁的Beatrice Delap真的做到了!她给《加勒比海盗》电影里头的杰克船长写了封信,说:“我们是一群茁壮成长的小海盗。正常情况下我们人数相当,可是现在为了反抗老师,我们遇上麻烦了。非常希望能够得到您的帮助。”

To the astonishment of staff at Meridian primary school in Greenwich, south-east London, Captain Jack arrived in the form of Johnny Depp, the actor who plays him. Depp is filming the latest Pirates of the Caribbean instalment at the nearby Old Royal Naval College.

让所有位于伦敦东南格林威治的Meridina小学师生没有想到的是,Johnny Depp本人还真的以杰克船长的形象全副武装地来到了他们学校。而他最近正在离学校不远处的前皇家海军学院拍摄最新的一部《加勒比海盗》。

Beatrice said: "I had the idea to write the letter last week after me and a friend went to see the film set. Yesterday the school called us in for a special assembly at the end of the day.


"Then Johnny Depp walked in dressed as Captain Jack. There were gasps and screams. He pulled the letter out of his pocket and said he was going to frame it. Then he called me down and gave me a hug.


"He said the pirates were going to take over the school and only eat candy and our teeth would turn black and fall out. But he said we shouldn't mutiny against the teachers because there were some police outside and we might get into trouble. It was the most exciting school day ever."


Acting head teacher Jo Graham said: "It was a very memorable day."

他们老师Jo Graham也说:“这天令人难忘。”