What kind of people will not succeed in life?


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Based upon my own observations and experiences, here are the types of people who typically do not succeed in life:

1.People who do not take personal responsibility for themselves or their decisions.

2.People who blame other people for their mistakes.

3.People who believe there is some vast conspiracy to keep them down due to their race, skin color, religion, gender, or other similar identity factors.

4.People who normalize the symptoms of generational poverty, i.e., drug and alcohol abuse, violence, etc.

5.People who are parasitic upon other people.

6.People who believe that they are somehow owed success without putting in the commensurate amount of work needed to be successful.

7.People who are easily distracted by partying, going out, etc.

8.People who are too stubborn or proud to learn from their mistakes and make the necessary adjustments.

9.People who are too stubborn or proud to learn from others. This stifles both personal and professional growth.

10.People who make poor life decisions that have long-lasting consequences, such as getting married/having children before you can properly provide for them, marrying the wrong person, living beyond one’s means, etc.

11.People who believe that there is some sort of nobility in poverty. Example: “I might not have much but at least I’m a good person.” This is typically a justificationfor their current life circumstances.

12.People who care more about what other people think of them than they care about their own success. This typically results in self-destructive searching for validation.

13.People with past trauma that causes them to engage in self-destructive behavior. In most cases, this type of person will sabotage their own success at pivotal moments in their careers so they can be “in control” of the failure they anticipate they will experience.

14.People who are unable to believe that they can ever be great and do great things.

I’m sure there are other reasons but you get the general idea. Success is a mindset. You have to believe you will be successful. Once you can do that, you free yourself up to do the things you need to do to succeed, such as working hard, researching, trying new strategies, etc. Some of the biggest success stories in life were written by people who weren’t any smarter than the average person. The only thing they had was this undying belief that they could do it… and they did.