The heated discussion about the best choice in selecting the major:humanities or science has never stopped in the past few years. Opinions on the topic vary greatly among people. Some believe that it is a better choice to acquire knowledge in science, but others consider it better to dig into the humanities.
As for me, I totally agree with the former choice with the following reasons presented below. Initially, one of the most important reasons cited by people is that to major in science can not only improve one's logical thinking ability but also sharpen one's insight in daily routine, which is of great importance in one's growth. Additionally, acquiring scientific knowledge contributes greatly to one’s success in this world with rapid development of science and technology.
From my perspective, it is crucial that modern education should encourage people to be practitioners. What's more, one of the most critical factors we should take into consideration is that people should understand the meaning and value of scientific knowledge. Only in this way can we achieve greater success.