One of the most frustrating things that can happen when eating out is ordering one dish but receiving another. Surprisingly, one restaurant is offering just that – The Restaurant of Order Mistakes popped up in Tokyo, and its mission was to hire waiters with dementia.

The premise of the pop-up restaurant, which was in a trial period from June 2 – June 4, 2017, was that the staff who have dementia may get your order wrong. But if you go in knowing this upfront, it changes your perception about those who suffer from brain disease. The experience makes you realize that with a little bit of understanding on our part dementia patients can be functioning members of society.

Food blogger Mizuho Kudo visited The Restaurant of Order Mistakes and had a blast. She originally ordered a hamburger but ended up having gyoza dumplings instead, but everything turned out to be unexpectedly delicious. Kudo also claimed that the waiters were full of smiles and seemed to be having tons of fun.
一位名叫Mizuho Kudo的美食博客博主光顾了这家“上错菜的料理店”,她感到十分惊喜。她原本点了一份汉堡,结果吃到的却是日式煎饺,却出于意料的十分美味。Kudo称这里的服务员都满脸笑意,看起来非常开心。