Cracking the screen on your iPhone is always a headache. 

Not only because cracks make it difficult to use your phone as a very expensive mirror, but also because Apple has made fixing those cracks a time-consuming nightmare that involves sitting in an Apple store for hours. Now, butter-fingered iPhone users may be able to spend hours in a Best Buy instead.
这意味着iPhone不能再用作奢华的镜子,更可怕的是,要在苹果零售店坐等数小时碎屏才能得到修理。现在iPhone用户也许不需要前往苹果零售店,在百思买集团(Best Buy,全球最大家用电器和电子产品零售集团)就能修理易脱手导致碎屏的iPhone。

Apple is finally letting other vendors fix their phones, giving authorized third-party repair stores access to their proprietary glass-fixing devices, called Horizon Machines. 
苹果公司终于允许其他修复中心接手修理iPhone的工作,并将自己的屏幕修复机“Horizon Machines”授权给许多第三方修复中心。

By the end of 2017, there will be 400 authorized third-party repair centers in 25 countries, Apple executives said, including Best Buy. It's hard to say whether Apple has seen the error of its iPhone-fixing ways or if they are simply acting preemptively as more states sign on to so-called "right to repair" bills that are intended to help consumers fix their very expensive mirrors despite efforts by tech companies to monopolize the repair market.