You know the drill. The week presses on as Tuesday rolls into Wednesday, Thursday and you’re one day closer to Friday...just like that, it’s TGIF! A little spring in your step, the weekend is finally here.
But, the question is this: If you truly enjoyed your job would you be counting down the hours -sometimes the minutes - until 5 o’clock on Friday? What would happen if you lived in a world where you enjoyed Monday (and everyday of the week, for that matter)? What if you actually looked forward to returning to work after a relaxing or even a hectic weekend? You didn’t get the nagging and aching Sunday night blues and instead, you enjoyed your weekend to its fullest and then you commuted to work on Monday looking forward to returning to your job and its challenges and rewards.
What if I told you this was possible - feasible, even? If you love your job, here are the things you look forward to on Monday mornings.
1.You’re employed! Remember during the recession if you weren’t downsized and your employment remained intact, you were pretty much grateful to be employed? Be grateful on a Monday morning there’s a job to return to with a steady paycheck on its way.
2. Job satisfaction. Taking it one step further, yes, there’s nothing wrong with being grateful for a paycheck and steady job, especially if your weekend depleted your bank account, but how about a job you truly enjoy? You feel recognized and appreciated and your skills are being utilized on a daily basis. This is a crucial piece to happiness at work.
3. Co-workers. Your work family is key, especially since you spend more time with them than your actual family and friends. If you’ve ever had a stressful weekend or perhaps one with an unruly schedule that flew by in the blink of an eye, you’re likely thankful when Monday morning returns to check in with colleagues at the coffee station to say hello.
4. Your boss. We all need to know someone has our back and a fantastic boss can provide the support we need, as well as resources to excel. Although they may be in meetings or work in another office, in essence a Monday morning means you’re returning to a meaningful position with leaders who want you to grow.
5. The feeling of accomplishment. Yes, that feeling of a job well done as you reap the reward of success, knowing that your diligence and persistence truly pays off. This is especially rewarding if you’ve overcome challenges and managed to grow during the process.
6. A positive work environment. Many job seekers overlook this, but corporate culture and environment are important to not only your success but to your happiness. When you are a part of a positive environment that applauds ideas and innovation, chances are when Monday rolls around, you’re psyched to roll up your sleeves and get back to business.
While it may feel like #TGIM is pie in the sky dreaming if you don’t have all of these items in place, you can certainly be happy on a Monday when you have the majority of what matters most to you intact. (For instance, maybe salary isn’t as important to you than your gratitude for flexibility with hours and location.) It’s time to celebrate our careers and more importantly, our jobs on a Monday!
So, what if you aren’t satisified with your job and Monday morning feels more like drudgery and doom and gloom? And what if your co-workers, your boss, the work environment and the job itself lead you to feeling downright allergic to your job?
If you’re not feeling #TGIM when Monday rolls around, simply stated, it’s time to find a better job. Often times job seekers tell me that after they landed a new role, their one regret was not looking for one sooner when they knew they were unhappy or knew their skills were getting stale.
What I’ve seen first-hand as a former corporate recruiter is that a better job awaits as soon as people are open to pursuing one. As the interview process commences, one question to ask yourself involves the #TGIM factor - will I be happy here and grateful to return to a job I love every Monday? What do I need to be truly happy, what are the driving forces of why I’m looking for a better job and how can these new opportunities fit my needs? How can I achieve happiness and sustain that satisfaction and gratitude throughout the entire week?
Happiness beckons you on a Monday morning but you have to be willing to leave the Sunday night blues behind and search for a better tomorrow.