It seems like the fashion industry is finally realizing that 67% of American women are plus-size. For women sizes 14 and up, finding any attractive clothing can be a challenge, but when it comes to more complex garments, like swimwear, jeans, or workwear, it can be close to impossible.

MM.LaFleur, a startup catering to professional women, is about to expand its line by making twenty of its best-selling styles in larger sizes.

This "First Addition" collection, which drops on May 24, comes after a year of in-depth research and development to better understand exactly how to adapt each garment so that they look flattering on different body types.
经过一年的深入研发,MM.LaFleur 搞清楚了怎样改造大码服装才能让不同体型的人穿起来漂亮,今年5月24日才抉择出了“首次加码”服装。

The brand has also developed its own custom sizing model with only three sizes for the entire 14 to 22 range. "The thing that mattered most to us was getting the fit right," says Sarah Lafleur, founder and CEO.
MM.LaFleur还开发了自己的定制尺寸模特,但仅包含了14码至22码之间的3个尺码。“我们最重要的是任务是让衣服尺码合适,” 品牌创始人兼首席执行官萨拉‧拉弗勒如是说。

"The women we interviewed universally told us, 'The industry sizing doesn't work for me.' We said, 'Screw the industry sizing. We're going to do our own thing.'"