There's been no shortage of warnings about the career dangers of posting racy content on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Yet many job hunters still don't heed that advice, and others don't realize they're doing just as much damage by doing things like bending the truth or spamming their resumes.


'You're going to be remembered -- and not in a positive way,' says Colleen McCreary, chief people officer for San Francisco game developer Zynga Game Network Inc.

旧金山游戏开发商Zynga Game Network Inc.的首席人力资源官科琳•麦克里(Colleen McCreary)表示,"你会被记住的,而且是以很不好的方式。"

Ms. McCreary says candidates consistently damage their reputations by sending cover letters that disingenuously claim a specific position at the company is their dream job. With a check of Zynga's applicant-tracking system, she can see that those people submitted the same letter for several other openings, too. 'They've now lost all their integrity,' she says. As an alternative, she recommends that job hunters write about the two or three positions they're most qualified for in a single letter.


Job hunters also regularly flub by submitting their resumes to multiple recruiters and hiring managers at a single firm. 'What they're doing is a huge turn off because it sucks up a lot of time for people,' says Ms. McCreary.


Likewise, job hunters repeatedly derail their chances by applying for positions for which they don't even meet the basic requirements. 'There are a few people out there who seem to see it fit to apply to every job we ever post,' says Dan Goldsmith, a managing partner at AC Lion, an executive-search firm in New York. 'Those people just go right in the trash folder.'

同样地,求职者申请甚至基本要求也达不到的职位,也在不断地降低他们被录用的机会。纽约高管猎头公司AC Lion的合伙人丹•戈德史密斯(Dan Goldsmith)说,总有那么些人似乎觉得他们适合我们登出的每个职位。他们的求职信只会被直接转到垃圾文件夹。

There are also job hunters who repeatedly send the same recruiters their resumes, which can give the impression that they're desperate, adds Mr. Goldsmith.


Liars make up another category of memorable job hunters. 'People will say they graduated from [a] school and you find out from looking online that . . . they just took a course,' says Ms. McCreary.


Executive recruiter Russ Riendeau says he checks candidates' resumes against their LinkedIn profiles and often discovers discrepancies. 'It's helping me assess whether candidate is indeed who they say they are,' says Mr. Riendeau, a partner at East Wing Group, a search firm in Barrington, Ill.

伊利诺伊州的猎头公司East Wing Group的合伙人瑞德(Russ Riendeau)表示,他喜欢对照求职者的简历和他们在LinkedIn上的简介,经常能发现两者会有所出入。"这能帮助我评估求职者到底是不是他所自我标榜的样子。"

Meanwhile, many job hunters are also continuing to overlook the dangers of posting provocative photos and other dubious content on social-media sites. Case in point: Recruiter Lori Fenstermaker says she lost interest in a recent candidate for a legal-assistant job after finding her raunchy MySpace profile. 'She represented herself in a way that would not align with the company's philosophy and ethics,' says Ms. Fenstermaker, founder of Automatic LLC, a search firm in Grand Rapids, Mich.

与此同时,许多求职者还在继续漠视通过社交媒体网站发布内容挑逗的照片以及其它可疑内容可能带来的危险。我们这里有一个案例。招聘官范斯德梅克尔(Lori Fenstermaker)表示,她发现某个求职者在MySpace上刊登了内容低俗的自我介绍,之后便失去了聘用她为法律助理的兴趣。作为密歇根州猎头公司Automatic LLC的创始人,范斯德梅克尔表示,这名求职者表现自己的方式与公司的经营理念和行为准则很不相符。

There are also some job hunters who are unwittingly going out of their way to spoil their prospects. Last year, a candidate for a senior client-services position invited Mr. Goldsmith to be part of his Facebook network. After accepting, the recruiter found a semi-nude photo of the candidate, prompting Mr. Goldsmith to withdraw this person from consideration. 'It was so horribly inappropriate,' the recruiter recalls. 'To flaunt that with such a lack of sensitivity to professional decorum is very disquieting.'