1 In the Spring Export Commodities Fair the_____of fine china attracted much attention of customers from all over the world.
  A.succession B.array C.string D.procession

2 His body temperature has been_______for 3 days,the highest point reaching40.5 degree centufrade,
  A.uncommon B.disordered C.abnormal D.extraordinary

3 It's a pleasure for him to_____his energy and even his life to research work.
  A.dedicate B.dictate C.decorate D.direct

4 She was a very industrious and______teacher with a creditable record at the Normal Training College.
  A.conscientious B.cautious C.ambitious D.trustful

5 Soon it will be_____for men to travel round the world.
  A.normal B.frequent C.commonplace D.fashionable



1 abnormal a. 反常的,异常的
  【联想】abnormally ad.反常的;insane a.(患)精神病的,精神失常的,疯狂的
  前缀ab-表示否定含义“away from”,如:absent 缺席的
  【搭配】abnormal specimens异常的样品;abnormal behavior变态的行为

2 array n. 展示,陈列,一系列;排列,队形;衣服,盛装;数组,阵列;vt.排列,配置(兵力);打扮,装饰
  【搭配】an array of一系列的,一批,大量;window array橱窗陈列品

3 commonplace a.普通的,平庸的 n.寻常的事物,平庸的东西
  【联想】common与commonplace:common普通的,通常的,常见的,如:a common soldier;commonplace(常作贬义)平庸的,寻常的,
  如:He's rather commonplace.他平庸的很。

4 conscientious a.认真的,勤勤恳恳的
  【联想】conscientiously ad.认真地;conscientiousness n.认真

5 dedicate vt. 题献词于(著作)上;(to)把(一生等)献给,把(时间,经历等)用于
  【联想】dedicated a.献身于某物的,专心致志的;dedication n. 奉献
  【搭配】dedicate oneself/sth to sth 将(自己,时间,精力等)奉献给(崇高的事业或目的)