The Good Brothers 1

The Good Brothers

The Good Brothers 2

A long time ago, two kind-hearted and diligent brothers lived in a village.
The older brother and younger brother helped each other and worked very hard."Heave-ho! Heave-ho!"
"Younger brother! Now that the harvest is over, let's divide the rice equally between us."
"Yes, my brother!"

The Good Brothers 3

"My younger brother just got married so I should help him out."
During the night, the older brother began to pour his rice into his younger brother's barrel. Of course his younger brother did not know about this.

The Good Brothers 4

"My older brother is taking care of our parents. So he will need more rice than I do. I should help him out."
During the night, the younger brother also begun to pour his rice into his older brother's barrel.

The Good Brothers 5

The next day, both brother's were surprised to see their own barrel's full of rice. "How can this be? Last night, I am sure I poured my rice into my brother's barrel!" "How can this be?" Both brother's knew that something was wrong. Than night they decided to try again.

The Good Brothers 6

"Heave-ho! This is certainly strange. Maybe I didn't bring enough rice last night. Toninght I must take more."
"Heave-ho! If I pour some more in then my brother will surely have plenty of rice."
The brothers spent the night going back and forth with their rice. Suddenly the brothers ran into each other in the middle of the road.

The Good Brothers 7

"Oh, my brother!" "Then, it was you who poured rice into my barrel?"
"My younger brother!"
"My older brother!"
The good brothers were so moved at the kindness of the other's heart that they hugged and burst out in tears.

The Good Brothers 8

From that day on, the brothers continued to help each other and  to work hard, and they live happily ever after.


The Good Brothers 9

The End