Donald Trump is “showing a lot of signs” of dangerous mental impairment and may be a threat to the survival of American society, a leading Yale psychiatrist has claimed.

In an exclusive interview with The Independent, Yale University’s Dr Bandy Lee said she had seen a “marked surge” in violence among her own patients since the day of Mr Trump’s election, blaming his strong rhetoric.
耶鲁大学的Brandy Lee教授接受了《独立报》的公开采访,她称,自从特朗普当选总统之日起,她的病人普遍表现出“显著上升”的暴力倾向,这都归咎于特朗普的“强硬说辞”。

The lecturer, a former Harvard research fellow and chief resident at Massachusetts general hospital, was defending experts at an event she organised after they called the President “dangerous” and “delusional”.

The claim led one Republican politician to accuse them of “throwing ethical standards out the window because they cannot accept the election results”.

But Dr Lee insisted she and the panellists had people’s safety foremost in mind and that their judgement was not politically-motivated.

Asked whether she had similar fears under Barack Obama’s presidency, she said: “No. None of us had this level of concern.”