the crow and the water bottle

The Crow and the Water Bottle 乌鸦喝水

the crow and the water bottle 2

It was a hot summer day with the sun shining brightly. A crow was flying here and there in search of water for his very thirsty throat.

the crow and the water bottle 3

"Oh, I am thirsty.where can I find water?" At last the crow was so happy because he found a water bottle. "It's a water bottle! I'm saved!"

the crow and the water bottle 4

But there was a problem! The opening of the bottle was too small for the crow's beak to fit in.There was no way he could drink from the bottle.
"Oh! There is only a little bit of water at the bottom. Still it's the only water I've found. What can I do?"
The crow thought and though. Finally he came up with a good idea. "That's it! That's what I'll do!"

the crow and the water bottle 5

The crow found a stone and put it inside the bottle. "Now, let's have a drink! Oh, no! This won't work." The crow put two more stones into the bottle. "Let's have some water! Oh,I still need more!"
“喝点水! 哦,不够不够,再来点!”

the crow and the water bottle 6

The crow found more stones and put them into the bottle. "It should be enough. Let's see if I can drink it now! Ah! How refreshing."


the crow and the water bottle 7

The wise crow kept putting stones in the bottle to make the water come up. So finally he was able to enjoy the refreshing water to his hearts content. It's certainly good to have wisdom!

the crow and the water bottle 8