Rolling, rolling, rolling

rolling 2

Once upon a time,there was an old man who liked to sing deep in the forest. One day, the old man went into the forest to find some wood.

rolling 3

He soon became hungry and it was time for lunch, he took out some rice balls from his lunch box. Just at that moment, he heard something rustling from behind him. He found that it was a very cute rabbit.

rolling 4

"Come here! You look a little hungry."The kind old man gave the rabbit one of his rice balls.


rolling 5

What happened? The rice ball rolled down and fell into a small hole in the ground.


rolling 6

The rabbit also rolled down and went right inside the hole just like the rice ball. Suddenly, there were some strange songs coming out from the hole."Rolling, rolling rice ball!"


rolling 7

The old man was so surprised that he went closer to the hole and listened carefully."Hmm, what is this noise?"


rolling 8

The old man was so curious that he decided to throw another rice ball into the hole."Ha, this is quite fun!"


rolling 9

The old man put his lunch box aside and started singing along and even started dancing!
"Rolling, rolling, rolling lunch box!"The old man became more excited and danced even harder. Then he took the wrong step and fell right into the hole!


rolling 10

"Rolling, rolling, rolling old man!"The old man opened his eyes wide as he was so surprised to hear the song. In this little cave, there were many rabbits making a rice mill!


rolling 11

"Hello, old man!"The rabbits gave the old man such a friendly greeting that the old man tried to do the same."Oh, hello, rabbits!!""Thank you for giving us the rice balls. Thanks to you, we were able to make this rice mill. Please take as much as rice cake you want!"


rolling 12

To show their appreciation for the old man's kindness, the rabbit filled the old man's sack with rice cake."Ha ha ha!"


rolling 13

The old man who received a sack full of rice cake hummed the song on his way home."Rolling, rolling, rolling rice ball. Rolling, rolling, rolling lunch box! Rolling, rolling, rolling old man."

rolling 14