Sources confirm exclusively that Bones has tapped Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick (CSI, House, Criminal Minds) to play the sure-to-be-controversial role of Ashley, a war correspondent with whom Booth, ahem, bonded with during his year overseas. Without giving too much away, Ashley ends up following Booth back to D.C. where things get, well, complicated.

有消息确认《识骨寻踪》剧组签下了加拿大女演员、曾参演过《罪案调查现场》、《豪斯医生》等剧集的Katheryn Winnick,来扮演注定会备受争议的Ashley一角(还有消息说是叫Hannah),她是一位战地记者,在Booth出征海外期间与其有了感情联系。Ashley跟着Booth回到了华盛顿,然后情况就复杂了。

Winnick is scheduled to appear in roughly five episodes, beginning with the Sept. 23 season premiere.


Thoughts? Waiting to watch the actual episodes before rushing to judgment? Do you think Emily Deschanel could take Winnick in a cage match?

各位观众对此作何感想?静观其变么?你觉着Emily Deschanel扮演的女主角Brennan能和Winnick拼个你死我活不?

cage match 困兽斗,先离开笼子的获胜