If Hitler was so bad, why didn't people around him just kill him?

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Because Hitler wasn’t so bad to them.

Put yourself in the shoes of an average German for a moment.

Your country lost World War I and was put at the mercy of the victors. No mercy was given. You now had to pay reparations and your military was severely restricted.

Worst of all, they pinned it all on you. Germany was forced to accept the sole responsibility of war, without having been given any say in the matter.[2]

Your pride in your nation was shattered. You felt humiliated on the international stage.

Then came the Great Depression. Your life just got so much more miserable. You couldn’t feed your family. Everyone around you was suffering. The government tried to make things better. They failed each and every time. Life continued to get worse.

Then came a guy.

He promised to restore the German army back to its former glory. He did just that.

He promised to take back the land that was lost in the war. He did just that.

He promised to abolish the shameful Treaty of Versailles. He did just that.

He promised to create more jobs and help you put food on your table. He did just that.

Most important of all, he gave you a sense of national identity. You can be proud of your country again.

So it’s only natural that you loved him. Not to mention, you attended one of his massive rallies and were swept by his powerful, emotional speeches.

Everyone you know loved him. Your friends, your neighbours, your boss.

He made Germany great again. Why do you want to even attempt to assassinate the man?

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There were over 40 assassination attempts at Hitler, of which the 20th July plot in 1944 came closest with a bomb exploding in the same room as Hitler.

For a variety of reasons – the briefcase with the bomb moved behind the table leg of an oak table, only half of the planned explosives put in the briefcase – the plot failed and Hitler survived.

In another attempt, a bomb behind his podium failed to kill Hitler because he ended his speech early and left the premise.

Some of the plots were supported by Britain’s SOE. They eventually stopped when they realised what an awful military leader Hitler was.

They figured that if Germany had just about any leader at the helm but Hitler, Germany would be harder to defeat. In many ways, Hitler was the Allies’ best ally. So they let him be.