Solar System In A Bottle

Little Planet Factory is a company created by George Ioannidis.
Little Planet Factory(小小星球工厂)由George Ioannidis创办。

The 8 Planets Of The Solar System:

One day this London-based artist searched for a Mars globe, and after failing to find one he liked, he decided to make his own.

Venus Globe & Venus And Cloud Cover Globe:

George grew up watching Cosmos and reading Douglas Adams, and he also happened to be experienced in 3D printing so mashing space and 3D models was an idea close to his heart.
George从小就爱研究宇宙行星,喜欢读Douglas Adams的作品,他又碰巧体验过3D打印技术,所以就产生了制作3D模型的想法。

Sun, Jupiter And Earth:
太阳、木星和地球(笔尖指的那个小黑点 哈哈哈)

Tiny Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars And Moon:

Little Planet Factory creates various size models of planets, moons, and suns. Globes can be as tiny as 10mm and can reach 200mm for those who want a more detailed surface.
Little Planet Factory制造各种尺寸的行星、卫星和恒星模型。这里有直径10mm的微型星球,如果你想看清星球表面各种细节,在这里也能找到直径200mm的模型。

Earth In A Bottle & Earth Globe With Surface And Underwater Relief Detail:

Thanks to Little Planet Factory, space is literally within arm's reach.
Little Planet Factory让太空“触手可及”。