Since 'The dress' divided the world, there have been countless mind-boggling illusions that have popped up online. 

And the latest is perhaps one of the most confusing yet.

An image shared on Twitter by Japanese 'experimental psychologist' and Professor of Psychology, Akiyoshi Kitaoka, appears to show a bunch of red strawberries on a tart - and seems to be filtered with a blue hue.
日本心理学教授兼实验心理学家Akiyoshi Kitaoka在推特上分享了一张图片,图中是一个馅饼上面堆满了草莓,整张图覆盖着一种蓝色色调。

But in reality, there is not a single red pixel in the picture.

'Illusion of strawberry by the two-color method. Although this image are [sic] all made of the pixels of the cyan (blue-green), strawberries appear red,' Prof Kitaoka wrote on Twitter.

Expert on visual perception from the National Eye Institute, Bevil Conway, described the baffling image as an example of the brain 'colour correcting the world' when it is filtered through a different light. 
国家眼科研究所视知觉专家Bevil Conway表示:这就是大脑在不同光线下的“色彩校正”。

'If you imagine walking around outside under a blue sky, that blueness is, in some sense, color-contaminating everything you see,' 

'If you take a red apple outside under a blue sky, there are more blue wavelengths entering your eye. 

'If you take the apple inside under a fluorescent or incandescent light without that same bias, the pigments in the apple are exactly the same but because the spectral content of the light source is different, the spectrum entering your eye that's reflected off the object is different.'

Other Twitter users proved that there was no red in the image by isolating some of the colours that appeared red and put them on a white background. As a result, only shades of grey and blue were visible. 

This isn't the first time Prof Kitaoka has shared illusions on his Twitter page - with the most recent a number of flowers that appear to grow in size as you stare at them.