Study the following graph carefully and write an essay in which you should
1) analyze the graph, and
2) give your comments on the trend.

In recent years there has been a dramatic rise in the cell phones, which are now essential to millions of people as a convenient form of communication. In 2004 the number reached 315,000,000, with an average annual increase at 57,500,000.

Some people can now no longer imagine life without their cell phones. The fact that they are so popular proves that they are useful and convenient. Cell phones enable people to easily and quickly communicate with one another; wherever you are, you can instantly reach somebody. Cell phones eliminate the trouble of not being able to meet someone in person, and therefore increase business's efficiency.

Mobile phones necessarily also harbor disadvantages. The radiation such phones emit is hazardous to one's health. Furthermore, if people become too reliant on the use of cell phones, our face to face skills may decline. Any new invention has its drawbacks, and such negative aspects cannot always diminish its popularity. Despite the negative effects of television, for example, the number of people who own televisions continues to grow at a tremendous rate. This is also the case with mobile phones. People won't stop eating just because of the risk of choking. In addition, the swift development of science and technology will likely eliminate the hazards cell phones may cause. One can safely predict, therefore, that with the introduction of new techniques, mobile phones will have more applications and become even more appealing to customers.