It could be spiders. It could be mice. It could even be people. What are you scared of? Today we’re looking at phobias-the things that people are scared of.


And I can’t stand mice. They just make me want to scream.


Snakes. I have a fear of snakes. I just don’t like them. I know they’re not particularly dangerous but I just don’t like the way they move and I know they’re not slimy but just do not like them at all. I’ve always hated them. That’s the only thing I’m really afraid of.


So this lady doesn’t like snakes. I have to say I’m not that keen on them. I don’t really like them. I guess there are some snakes that are safe to hold. But I wouldn’t want to hold one.


I’m afraid of heights. This is my secret. I really, really can’t stand being in tall buildings and I lived in the eighth floor of a building for many years and I just couldn’t go into the window and just look at the view or anything. It’s kind of weird but this is my phobia.


A fear of heights, the medical word used for this is vertigo. How awful to live so high up and always feel so scared. I hope he lives on the ground floor now! Some people believe that phobias are irrational. They aren’t based on anything. But lots of people, even celebrities have phobias. And footballer, David Beckham has a phobia about things being untidy. And if you think that’s a strange phobia, Johnny Depp, who was in the film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, he’s afraid of clowns.