Netflix's next great Marvel adventure is "Iron Fist," the story of a billionaire who "comes back to life" after disappearing in a plane crash with his parents as a child. On top of that very familiar origin story, Danny Rand (Finn Jones) has more in common with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell).
Netflix的下一部漫威巨作是《铁拳侠》,讲述的是一个亿万富翁小时候和父母在一次飞机事故中消失,但又奇迹回归的故事。最重要的是,这个故事里面主人公Danny Rand (Finn Jones)与“绿箭侠”Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell)有很多相似之处。

Every good hero needs a mysterious backstory, and Oliver and Danny's tragic tale of victim turned vigilante is tried and true. Danny also has a childhood friend, Joy Meachum (Jessica Stroup), Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) took on this role for Oliver. "Iron Fist" will also apparently feature flashbacks to Danny's time away after his plane crash, which is a major element of "Arrow" as well.
每一个超级英雄都有一个神秘的背景故事,Oliver和Danny皆是由悲剧中的牺牲者变成英雄。Danny和Oliver都有一个童年玩伴分别是Joy Meachum (Jessica Stroup)和Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy)。《铁拳侠》可能将采用倒叙方式讲述Danny飞机失事后的经历,这也是《绿箭侠》的一个重要的手段。